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Since 2001

Csharp dot-net C# book

C# Program and Progress

Editorial Review
Microsoft DOT-NET(.net) have released a set of programming languages which in general is called DOT-NET. The set consists of The C# .NET, VB.NET, and ASP .NET. It is interesting to know that among these languages the C# (read C-Sharp) became the most usable language in the Microsoft programming language. C# is really easy to learn and provides powerful programming features like C++ and it remains simple like VB. C# Program and Progress prepares you to program in C# language. The book is covering all necessary features in C# language. This textbook allows anyone to become good programmer in a short period of time. It discusses each topic, brings a simple analysis and immediately presents meaningful examples for each topic. It displays a graphic result (output) for each example. In fact the book is enriched with examples, laboratories exercises, homework, Assignments, Projects, solution to the projects.

This is an amazing book for those who want to learn from the ground up!
Learn C#.NET from the beginning.
No prior programming skills needed and no extra materials required.
This book is now using as a textbook in many educational institutions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to C# and .NET
Programming Flowchart
Flowchart limitation
What is UML?
Why UML?
UML Tools
Object Oriented Programming
Understanding Microsoft.NET
C# Compilation Process
Basic terminologies

Chapter 2 Programming structures
Basic C# structures
How to compile
How to run
Using System namespace
Case sensitive

Chapter 3 Data types & Operators
Data types in general
Description of Value types
Integer Types
Floating- Point Types
Decimal Type
bool Type
char Type
struct Types
Law of variables
Order of precedence
Data Conversion
Using unchecked

Chapter 4 Control structures I
Basic Inputs
Command-line inputs
Standard Inputs
Windows Forms
Control Structures
Multiple if-statements
If-else statements
Rule of braces
Nested If-statements
Ternary operators
Null Statements

Chapter 5 Control structures II
Switch Statements
Fall through
Formatting Numerical Types
ToSting method
Float & decimal
Jump statements
while loops
The do-while loop
The for loop
Forever loop
Nested loop
foreach loop

Chapter 6 C# Methods
Why using method?
Predefined methods
The definition of method
Non-static methods
C# Variables classification
Static variables
Instance variables
Local variables
Passing by value
Passing by reference
Passing by the out modifier
Method overloading
Random numbers
Time and date
Factorial numbers

Chapter 7 Array systems
Arrays system 166
One-dimensional array
Using foreach loop
Multidimensional Array
Jagged array
Array properties and methods
Sorting array

Chapter 8 Object Oriented Programming Part I
Class and Object
What is an object?
Characteristics of Objects
Object oriented software
Garbage collection
C# Access Modifiers

Chapter 9 Object Oriented programming Part II
Inside class
Access modifiers
Class modifiers
Method modifiers
Constructor modifiers
Field modifiers
Features of object oriented programming
Access to the private members
Mutator methods
Characteristics of set and get methods
Method overloading

Chapter 10 Advanced Object Oriented Programming
Inheritance implementation
Inheritance and class hierarchy
The sealed modifier
Constructors in Inheritance
Constructor overloading
Override and virtual methods
Overriding and overloading

Chapter 11 Interfaces & Delagates
Multiple interfaces
Merging interfaces into a unit
Using the is and the as operators
Indexer and property
Indexer and inheritance
Differences between indexer and array
Delegates and Events

Chapter 12 String Manipulations
Character manipulations
String type
Static and instance strings methods
Comparing Strings 291
The three important string features
Data validation
Regular Expression

Chapter 13 Structures & Enumeration
Structures in C#
Member’s initialization
Structure and Dot operator
Structure modifiers
Structure constructors
Combine class & struct
Boxing and unboxing
C# project

Chapter 14 Exception & Error Handling
Types of errors
Multiple catch blocks
Explicitly throw exceptions
User-defined exceptions
Some properties of Exception class

Chapter 15 Files and Streams
Data hierarchy
File Stream
Working with I/O
Working with stream
Reading and Writing
Read from file
Write and Read together
Binary files
Serialization and Deserialization
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III